HD WTF Compilation || May 2015 || MonthlyFails

WTF Compilation || May 2015 || MonthlyFails
Hello all! Iron abs, pranks, cars set on fire and more craziness for today's wtf compilation! Have fun watching and stay tuned for new fails coming up in May 2015, cheers!
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5 комментариев

Osváth Hunor
06.05.2015 12:34
miracle...the guy just healed the boy's leg. 
06.05.2015 14:06
0:50 isn't that how Houdini died?
06.05.2015 14:45
Nao to falando, no primeiro video, ja e BR! Nao tem jeito! É NOIS PORRA!
06.05.2015 18:14
That last guy was high as balls.
Joe Thompson
04.11.2015 15:39
3:50 what was that?